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Scrapbooking, Card-making and paper crafts supplies and classes

CJ Scrapbooking Plus

  Scrapbooking, Card-Making and Paper Crafts


Experts in Designing Scrapbooks and Cards

CJ has more than nine years of experience in the scrapbooking and card-making industry. We are the nearest scrapbooking place in the area, so you don’t have to go far to learn the basics. Trust us to help you create a wonderful scrapbook that reflects both your personality and the story of your photos.

Why Do Scrapbooking?

The great thing about scrapbooking and card-making is that you get to try new things and think outside the box. You discover what creative style works for you while preserving the wonderful moments in your life.

What Makes us Different?

Some companies only offer classes at select times during the year for more money and yet you only receive some workspace, some giveaways, use of Cricut Expression but you must bring your own cartridges and mats, and classes are offered at an additional cost.

Many offer an opportunity  to crop in their homes, but days and times are limited and may not meet with your schedule and you must supply your own materials.  Use of Cricut is an additional cost.

Retail stores usually offer classes to promote a specific product and everyone projects are exactly alike,

There are those who offer free classes or classes for a small fee but only after purchasing products they are selling.

At CJ Scrapbooking Plus:

  • You have access to a large supply of scrapbooking material for hours that fit into your schedule. 
  • Classes are available every Friday and Saturday, and additional classes are available upon request.
  • All materials are supplied including papers, embellishments and adhesive. 
  • You have free use of Cricut and die cutting machine during all classes
  •  Classes hold up to 20 people so lots of room for friends
  •  Large variety of themes each month
  •  Free space available if you bring your own supplies (small fee for Cricut, die cut use & other supplies)
  •  Ready made projects available for sale.
  •  Birthday specials
  •  Fund raising opportunities with no pre-planning or requirements for everyone to come at same time.
  •  Occasional special events such as "Couples Night"

About CJ

CJ started scrapbooking in 2007 when she was invited to a scrapbooking party.  She did not have time to finish her project, so she ventured out to the nearest JoAnn's and purchased her first punch.  Not being able to stop there,  she filled her basket and as they say "the rest is history".  In 2008,  she began making cards and this has been her passion every since.  While working in California, she held classes in her home in order to introduce others to this wonderful craft.  Finally retiring after 32 years with the Air Force, she decided to turn her hobby into a small business.   She is so excited about sharing what she love to do with others.